Arrowhead Athletes Sign National Letter of Intent


Anya Behringer, Reporter

On Wednesday, November 9th, 17 of Arrowhead’s student athletes signed a National Letter of Intent, committing to playing a sport at the collegiate level. This was the first of several signing days for Arrowhead.


According to NCSA College Recruiting, “All athletes outside of D1 football and men’s and women’s D1 basketball players can begin signing scholarships on November 9, 2022 and continue to sign anytime through August 1, 2023.”


Arrowhead senior and swimmer Francesca Smith signed with the University of Missouri. She says, “It was kind of surreal. A year ago, on October 1st, I had committed to the University of Missouri and I watched as the class above me signed so it’s unreal to see myself in that position today.”


Arrowhead had swimming, basketball, softball, baseball, track, gymnastics, and wrestling signees.


Each student that signed had an opportunity to take pictures with family, friends, teams, coaches, and group photos were taken as well during the signing event in the North Campus Commons.


Smith says, “In regards to the actual signing day it was kind of hectic…And I know for the swimmers, we set up a signing day table in the pool area and took pictures there as well, since the actual Arrowhead signing day doesn’t let you decorate the table since they need to quickly move people in and out.”


There are additional signing days later in the school year. According to the National Letter of Intent (NLI) website, these dates are December 21st, 2022; February 1st, 2023; and April 12th, 2023.