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Feature on Senior Maggie Walloch


Maggie Walloch is a senior at Arrowhead high school and is deciding between two universities next year. She is considering attending The University of Tampa in Florida or the University of Dayton in Ohio. She has been accepted into both. 


She has pros and cons for each campus. She says she was first interested in the University of Dayton which has an acceptance rate of 74.1%.


Walloch says, “My sister attends University of Dayton, which is an added factor of attending. I love my sister, but we have done everything together our whole lives, especially since we have identical interests. She has paved beautiful legacies for me to follow, but I think that college is such an important time of self discovery and growing independence that it makes me unsure. However, it is also very comforting to know that if I went there, I would have someone. Dayton is absolutely stunning. They have amazing opportunities such as a wonderful marianist background, successful business program, inspiring study abroad program, strong school spirit with D1 athletics, and even a program to train service dogs. There is also such comfort in staying in the midwest, with people who have similar views and morals as me and being surrounded with the midwest friendly people that I have lived my whole life with. In my eyes, I could not go wrong with Dayton. I truly love it. It is an exciting, yet safe choice for me. I could absolutely see myself being happy there.”


After looking into more schools she toured The University Of Tampa. She looked at The University of Tennessee Knoxville, Belmont University, Coastal Carolina University, The University of Charleston, The University of Central Florida, and more.


Walloch says, “University of Tampa has such a special place in my heart, and always will even if I don’t go there. With the 25% acceptance rate, you could definitely say that I was overjoyed to receive my admission. I have loved Florida my whole life. I have always said that I wanted to go to college in Florida, but now that the time is here, part of me does not feel prepared to make that big of a leap. Not only is it really far, but I do not know anyone going, and there are very, very few midwest people attending with the majority of people from the east coast. When I toured Tampa, my heart was absolutely set. The beauty and energy of that campus is so captivating. I was completely enthralled. The thought of having year round warmth and sunshine is a huge pro to me. I feel so much more like myself when the weather is nice, which I think might make a positive environment for me when I am on my own in college.”


The tuition of The University of Dayton is about $46,170 and the tuition of The University of Tampa is about $32,218.


Walloch is majoring in business and management and both schools give her an opportunity to pursue that career. 


In Walloch’s high school career, she has been a part of Broadway Company since her sophomore year. 


 Arrowhead High School’s Drama, led by Mrs. Markano, produces two shows each year that are independent from the choir department’s Broadway Company productions. The plays vary from year to year: sometimes contemporary, and sometimes a musical. 


Walloch’s choir teacher Grace Bielski says, “Maggie has had a senior year full of features from Mean Girls and Musical Theater Nights! She is always willing to put in extra time for the good of the group and personal growth. I will miss her when she graduates.” 


Walloch attended St. Charles Catholic School before Arrowhead. She is still very involved in the church as religion means a lot to her.


She says, “I have had the opportunity of connecting with the UTCatholic program which was very beneficial and heartwarming.”  


Walloch will make her decision by May 1st, 2024 along with other senior students.

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