Arrowhead’s Girl Up Club

Audrey Grindatti and Reagan Oestreich

Girl Up Club is a club dedicated to ending gender discrimination within schools. The club is a United Nations-sponsored organization, and throughout the year, enables members to coordinate with other Girl Up clubs globally where they can organize and host activities together. 


According to the club information page on Arrowhead’s website, some of the main aspects of this club is to ensure that girls both within our community and in other countries are educated, healthy and safe. This will benefit girl’s future positions as leaders and ensure that their opinions are counted for. 


Girl Up puts on and organizes many events and is consistently involved in the community. English teacher and advisor Jennifer Passler explained some of their upcoming and recent events. 


The club recently put on a toiletry drive for the Women’s Center of Waukesha that ran through the past few months. 


They had another recent event scheduled for Friday, December 17 that focuses on bridging the gender gap in the STEM fields by inviting middle school feeder schools to inspire these students to pursue possible STEM careers. 


The Girl Up club members regularly volunteer and meet with the Hartland Terrace Assisted Living Facility which they have created a partnership with. Regular volunteers often spend time with the residents by doing activities like games, puzzles, and reading to them. 


There are currently 62 members, and they meet the second Thursday of each month, after school in NC201, and occasionally other times of the month depending on planned events. 


Passler said, “The students involved in Girl Up are wonderfully energetic and compassionate. I am honored to be connected with them.” 


If you have any interest in joining or have questions about Girl Up, contact English teacher and  advisor Jennifer Passler.