What’s Trending?

Emily Hollern, Reporter

Every new school year, new trends are introduced to the students of Arrowhead. Matt Puetzer (junior) and Annika Hornsby (junior) shared their ideas and thoughts on the current trends. Let’s see what’s ‘in’ at Arrowhead.


Puetzer says, “Some clothing trends that I have noticed in our school this year are polo and collared shirts, graphic tee-shirts, ripped jeans, and double grommet belts,” he says. “Also, a lot of these items are from places like Shein or RomWe.” 


Shein and RomWe are two websites that can be used to order what customers dub ‘fast fashion.’ The two sites are both owned by the same company, which mixes a lot of the accessories, clothes, and gifts between each other. The e-stores sell trendy fashion for less money–as most tops sell for around ten to thirty dollars—and teens flock to them to look for their newest looks.


Hornsby says, “I think that the most popular clothing trends at Arrowhead would have to be comfy clothes and flannels. I see a lot of students wearing things that promote their sport or club, and I really see people “ dressing to impress.”


Aesthetics are, in a better phrase, fashion styles that a certain person sticks to. 


Puetzer says, “Some aesthetics that I have enjoyed are the ‘indie grunge’ aesthetic—lo-fi, simple, baggy clothing—and streetwear aesthetics, like logo mania, baggy clothes, and chunky jewelry.” All of these styles can be found in stores like Zumiez, Spencer’s, Tilly’s, and many stores online!


Hornsby says, “My favorite trending aesthetics would have to be soft girl core, and egirl core.”


Like every year, styles are changed this year. 


Puetzer says, “Some other trends I have noticed apart from the aforementioned are the way that hair is styled— for example, shag or mullet cuts are starting to trend again. In addition, more people have started parting their hair in the middle. I have also noticed that fast fashion brands such as Shein and RomWe have been gaining popularity.” 


Hornsby says, “I’ve also noticed some new trends where boys are starting to wear five-inch inseam shorts instead of the longer seven-inch seam shorts. I also see that boys are starting to care more about their appearance, the older that they get.”