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Students thoughts on Senior Superlatives

Students thoughts on Senior Superlatives

On December 12th, 2023, seniors were sent a survey to fill out for senior superlatives. The survey asked seniors who their favorite couples were, who was most likely to become famous, who was the most athletic, and other questions.


There were two rounds of voting. For the first round, students answered who they believed should be picked and the second round students were given options from the top picks and had to answer. 


Once seniors were chosen, members of the yearbook notified the winners. 


The yearbook staff members will take photos of the winners and put them into the yearbook.  


Senior Rachel Kleinhans says, “It annoys me who all ask me who won because I work for the yearbook.”


Last year the seniors superlatives were as follows:


Worst Senioritis: Kenadie Smith and Chas Biliek 

Best Dressed: Jack Ziemann and Zara Agustin-Jardon 

Has no filter: Lily Wood and Coby Ebert

Biggest Flirt: Terrells Thomas and Emma Hibl

Bring home to parents: Andrew Jun and Jacob Woida 

Future Olympian: Piper Yde and Campbell Stoll 

Most likely to be famous: Kathryn Ortmeier and Ethan Hindle

Cutest Couple: Drew Nagy and Izzy schneider 

Biggest Complainers: Emma Ott and Laney Johnson 


2024 senior superlatives are 


Best Duo: Sam Reichert and Sam Evert and Molly Boerst and Stella Peterson 

Most Gullible: Lauryn Wulf and Jacob Lobecki 

Most likely to be in a reality TV show: Bree Zuzick and Eli Novy 

Most likely to fall asleep in class: Connor Foley and Beckett Hughes

Class Clown: Ethan Cornell and Alexa Jarvis 

Most Athletic: Taylor Thimmesch and Jace Gilbert 

Most likely to skip school: Quinn Campbell and Sidney Doble 

Best Dressed: Nick Cinelli and Payton Teel 

Most likely to have no filter: Ela Albrecht and Noah Raab 

Most likely to be president: Lily Liu and Josh Staus 

Still a freshman: Gracie Longrie and Nathan Saloga 

Most likely to be famous: Kate Taylor and Garrett Sexton 

Worst Driver: Sophie Nowak and Brayden Raymus 

Cutest Couple: Ava Oleniczak and Owen Young 

Best Smile: Maddy Mayhew and Ethan Dassow 

Biggest Flirt: Ellie Kadrich and Nikko Javier 

Teachers Pet: Georgia Tilmont and Tyler Davis 

Most likely to take home to parents: Sylvia Purko and Will Rader

Biggest Gossip: Madeline Adair and Josh Lewis 

Biggest Complainer: Madeline Kurtz and Sean Vetuschi


Students who were picked for senior superlatives were notified the week of December 13th, 2023. 


Senior Sidney Doble says, “I think senior superlatives are stupid.” 


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