About Ro Strong


Alex Stahl, reporter

Ro Strong is a senior and is “ecstatic to graduate.”

Strong is committed to University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, and is majoring in Criminal Justice and Sociology.

Strong also applied to University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and was accepted but ended up choosing Colorado.

Strong said, “I just wanted to get out of Wisconsin and start a new and fresh chapter in my life.”

Strong gets her drive for majoring in Criminal Justice because, “I want to be a lawyer, and criminal law is such an interesting topic.”

In school, Strong was a part of the Earth Club, Drama Department, and is a captain on the Forensics team.

Strong is also the student director for the spring play, Trixie The Teen Detective and The Mystery of Gravestead Manor. Strong said, “I have been a part of the drama department since freshman year, I love what it is, I have done the acting part and wanted to be on the other side to see what it was like directing a show.”

The spring play takes place from May 5-7th.

Outside of school, Strong works at Best Buy in Delafield. “I usually work in the PC department, and do customer service,” she says. Strong makes $15 an hour at Best Buy.

Also outside of school, Strong enjoys hanging out with friends, shopping, and watching movies.

Here are Strongs Current Top Three’s:

Top song: Finale by Dante Red

Top movie: Captain America: Civil War

Top music artist: The Garden

With the school year quickly ending, Strong says, “I am most excited for school to end in general, but I am looking forward to Prom.” Prom is coming up on May 14th at the Ingleside Hotel in Pewaukee.

Strongs advice for incoming freshmen is this: “Don’t be afraid to talk to people and reach out, it’s so important to be able to meet new people.”