A Look Into the Life of Nevaeh Davis

Sophie Illman, Reporter

Nevaeh Davis is a senior at Arrowhead High School who is graduating in June of 2022. Davis recently worked at Marshalls in Delafield.


Davis says, “I worked like eight hour shifts every weekend and it became irritating.”


Davis began working at Marshalls in April of 2021 and ended up resigning towards the end of July. 


Davis loved the other coworkers she had and enjoyed working with them, but the other employees that were her friends agreed that other coworkers and bosses were very rude to them. Davis was scheduled to work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. As a high school student Davis did not want to be working every single weekend because she still wanted her free time. 


Davis says, “my friends had ended up quitting because of how rude they were so I joined them.”


With graduation coming up Davis has begun to plan for the future—and especially college. Davis wants to stay in Wisconsin and close to family so she is deciding between UW-Milwaukee and UW-Whitewater.


Davis has a lot of free time, and likes to spend her time doing a variety of things.  Davis says, “I enjoy spending time with my mom. We like to have movie marathons while she does my nails. It’s kind of like our thing that we do together.”


Davis also enjoys going to Planet Fitness when she can to stay in shape and stay healthy.


Davis says, “I chose Planet Fitness for my gym membership because it’s cheap, it’s only $10 a month. I also like planet because its close to home and very clean.” Davis says on her weekends she enjoys hanging out with all of her friends. She also makes time to hangout and to see her boyfriend.


With it being the new semester, Davis says there is a lot to be optimistic about and with the temperatures dropping students like Davis, are looking forward to summer break coming up.


Davis says, “I am really looking forward to spring break. I’m not sure if I’m going anywhere yet, but I am excited for the time off from school either way. I’m also excited for prom and am excited to get all dressed up. After that I’m looking forward to graduating and taking the next step in my life.”