All About Carly Hytinen: AHS Senior


Alex Stahl, Reporter

Carly Hytinen is a senior at Arrowhead. She currently is involved in Broadway Company and HOSA(Health Occupations Students of America), and says most of her time is spent in Broadway Company. She has been in three of the Broadway musicals: Mamma Mia, Catch Me If You Can, and Musical Theater Nights (MTN.)


Hytinen works at Chick-Fil-A in Delafield. She works mostly in the “Front of House,” which is helping with orders, bagging, as well helping with online orders. She has been working there since March of 2021, and usually works about 16 hours a week. 


She said, “When the shows were going on, I had to take about a three week leave from work, but now I can manage it better by only working certain weeknights.”


Hytinen also worked at Reveres in Delafield, back in the summer before junior year.


Hytinen has started applying to schools as well. She has applied to three so far, University of Montana, Grand Canyon University, as well as UW Milwaukee. Her major is currently undecided. 


Hytinen said, “I took my senior pictures at Retzer because it is my favorite spot to hike, I also took them around downtown Delafield, because I live over there.”


Hytinen was asked to give a list of her top current favorites:


Favorite song: Pool House by Backstreet Lovers

Favorite artist: Fleetwood Mac

Favorite movie: Ten Things I Hate About You


Hytinen said she has this advice for underclassmen: “Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing or what they are thinking because it honestly doesn’t matter….also walk fast in the halls.”