The Best Christmas Presents for 2020

Alex Stahl, Reporter

Christmas falls on Friday, December 25th, and with weeks left til Christmas, students  want to make sure that they get the perfect gift for their loved ones and friends. Arrowhead students are rushing to pick up their last minute gifts and find it hard to figure out what to get someone. 

Students are shopping for Christmas gifts for both boys and girls, at places such as Target, Pacsun, and Bath and Body works. 

Logan Block, a junior at Arrowhead said, “I feel like the best gift depends on the person, as long as it’s something they’re passionate about, for both boys are girls.” 

Block is shopping for his close friends and his family members, and wants to spend a maximum of $100 for everyone combined.

Nolan Carrington, a junior, said, “The best gifts to give are something that is meaningful to the receiver, something that makes them smile, feel loved, and thought about. It should be a gift that can connect you to the person that you are giving it to.” 

Carrington is shopping for his girlfriend, friends and family, and says he has not gotten a lot of shopping done. With Covid-19, Carrington says he’s shopping mostly online at stores like Zumiez, Target, and Marshalls.

The idea of meaningful gifts is a widely spoken of answer amongst students, whether that be a handmade card, a framed print or  a handmade item.

As Mitch Winser, a junior at Arrowhead, said, “I believe that the best Christmas gifts are ones that show an appreciation for the person they are for. A gift that shows you listen and care. Rather than putting a dollar amount on a friendship/relationship get something that will make them laugh. Or something that will remind them of a memory the both of you shared.” 

Winser is planning on spending minimal money on gifts, but making sure that they mean something to the receiver.