Info to know about The Senior Party

Raegan Mann, Reporter

Every spring, the parents of the Arrowhead High School senior class honor their graduates with an all night drug and alcohol-free party. This year’s party will be held on Friday, June 7, 2019, 9:00 pm until 1:30 am. It will be at Arrowhead High School. It is school-sponsored and gives the students an opportunity to celebrate their educational accomplishments in a safe and drug-free environment.

The senior party theme is “Coast to Coast.”

The senior party will be featuring a hypnotist, Paul Knight, casino games, raffle prizes, inflatables, food, and drinks. Each student who attends the senior party needs to have a signed permission slip, and there will be another permission slip for students who are willing to be hypnotized.

There will be no entrance after 9:30pm and no departures before 1:30am.

Prices for the ticket varies on when students or parents buy one. The price is  $50 before May 3rd, $60 May 4th–May 24, and $70 after May 24.

“You can pay at the door if you wish but the sooner the better,” says Tracy Macdonald in an email.

If students or parents need to pay online, they can turn in permission slips to the NC Office. If paying by mail, they need to complete permission slips and check made payable to AHS Senior Party: Mail to AHS Senior Party C/O Arrowhead High School 800 North Ave., Hartland, WI 53029.

Here is where parents can pay online on the AHS Website: But there will be a $1.50 service fee for online payment.

Students and parents can find more information here and here.

“I am not going to the senior party because it doesn’t really seem all that fun. Plus I wouldn’t want to stay in the school for more than I have to already. It’s also the last day of school and the day before graduation. I would rather gets lots of sleep so that I don’t look tired at graduation,” says senior Cece Phillips.

“I am going to the senior party but I haven’t bought my ticket yet. It seems like a lot of fun to go to. I’m especially excited for the hypnotist. I’ve always wanted to try to get hypnotized. But I’m mainly excited that it will be a good last note to end on with my classmates,” says senior Michael Mikoda.