College Essay Workshop Held Again This Summer

Max Gebhard, Reporter

Current juniors can get help writing their college essays over the summer at the the Arrowhead college essay workshop. These workshops will be held on August 6th through August 9th. Each day will have two sessions. The first one starts at 12:30pm and ends at 3:30pm. The second sessions starts at 3:30pm and ends at 6:30pm. Students can sign up through Skyward for one session, but can flip to the other session of the day without penalty. If students attend four sessions, they will receive a quarter credit. Students should sign up immediately if they intend to attend.

The workshop helps students understand what is desired by college admissions officers. It will also focus on good writing and the components of a compelling narrative.

“I might sign up for this, because I need help writing mine,” said Arrowhead junior Ethan Costa.

“I didn’t know this was being offered until you brought it up,” said Arrowhead junior Hunter Westberg.

“I should’ve gone last year,” said Arrowhead senior Noah Osteen.

During the workshops, students can receive feedback from multiple teachers while they plan, draft, write, and share their college essay. Students will also spend time reading example essays and readings. Freshmen and sophomores can’t attend, because the workshop is only for upcoming seniors; seniors have to bring their own laptop.

“This would’ve helped me greatly,” said Arrowhead senior Hayden Henning.

“Sounds like they really care,” said Arrowhead senior Salvatore Ciardo.

“Now you got me hooked,” said Arrowhead junior Nicole Larson.

Students with any remaining questions should contact Elizabeth Jorgensen, Terri Carnell, or Rebecca McCann. They can each be reached via their respective emails: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

“You can find me there in the summer,” said Arrowhead junior Jaden O’Dell.

“Such a great opportunity,” said Arrowhead senior Brooke Peddie.

“I attended a couple sessions last year and felt way more confident submitting my application with my new and improved essay with help from this workshop,” said Arrowhead senior Max Gebhard.