Is Longer or Shorter Class Time Better?


AHS Students doing busy work

Marleh Lehmann, Reporter

According to the website, Find Your Maximum, the average time spent in class for high school students is 45-60 minutes and has an average of 2-8 class periods per day. But stated on the AHS website, class periods are 40 minutes long with 10 classes per day.

“Class time is always way too long and I always get sick and tired of teachers trying to fill in random time to make the class period go by fast/ to waste time,” Caylen Berg said.

AHS senior Berg said, “The school might as well just cut down class time that is unnecessary.”

Berg says filling in random class time with “busy work” is inconvenient and useless. School days could be shorter if each class got cut down five minutes.

“Five minutes may seem like so much time but in reality when you don’t fool around and just do random activities to fill time it won’t and do strictly that subject only it would make sense,” said Berg.

Berg says that there would be some down sides to it but there would be even more pros.

AHS study hall supervisor Cathy Sirianni said, “Class time should be longer. Each class should be around 45 minutes long. There is more learning time then even if it is only a few extra minutes. Most of the time there are a few minutes waisted at the start of class anyways so it would just be getting back those waisted minutes.”

Senior AHS student Aly Ells says she has a different perspective.

“I think that class time is perfect the way that it is. With time changes that could causes problems,” Penny said.

Ells says she thinks it is the right amount of time because sometimes class goes up to the bell.

Ells says, “I understand why some students might think that sometimes the end of class is a waste but that is just a matter of opinion. If nothing is going on, then work on other homework.”

Ells said, “if classes were shorter that would cause a lot of problems for test taking.”

Ells says that some students have trouble finishing test regularly in the time given and with less time it only makes it more difficult.

Ells says, “Overall I think that it would be unnecessary to cut class time. How it is now seems just time.”

Ells said, “Sometimes change isn’t a good thing.”