Arrowhead Students Begin to Participate in Global Seminar Program

Arrowhead Students Begin to Participate in Global Seminar Program

Students at Arrowhead High School are now able to  join the newly introduced Global Seminar program. This program is currently being presented to students in foreign language classes.

The Global Seminar program provides an opportunity for students at Arrowhead to receive a Global Education Achievement Certificate.  A Global Education Achievement Certificate is granted by the state of Wisconsin, and recognizes a student as a Global Scholar.

The Global Seminar program allows students to use critical thinking in order to look at relevant global issues.

Elizabeth Schueth, a German language teacher at Arrowhead High School, is one of the teacher mentors for the Global Seminar program.

“The Global Seminar will help students grow academically by looking at issues of global significance from a multi-disciplinary approach.”

One requirement to join the Global Seminar program is the completion of one year of a second foreign language, on top of four years of a primary foreign language.

Schueth says, “Despite scheduling, many students at Arrowhead are currently enrolled in two languages and are able to make it work.  This requirement will broaden a student’s ability to acknowledge other cultures and to gain new perspectives. It will also set Arrowhead students apart from other high school graduates applying to universities and colleges.”

Sophomore Michael Riege was shown a powerpoint presentation on the Global Seminar program in his Spanish two class.

Riege says after viewing the presentation, he believes the Global Seminar program could be beneficial to students because it would allow them to “gain a global perspective to everything and help the environment.”

However, Riege says he would not be interested in joining the program because “it is not something that would go along with the career path I would like to take.”

Schueth says that by completing the Global Seminar program students will stand out when applying to colleges because “…nearly every university offers a global program and is trying to recruit students who are able to think and work beyond borders and in the interdisciplinary fashion that will be fostered in the Global Seminar at Arrowhead.”

“Students will be asked to bring in knowledge from other courses they are taking to help them investigate global issues.  Students will also be working on defining their own perspective on an issue as well as gaining perspectives from other people both here and in other places.  This will help them become good listeners and perhaps more empathetic to the concerns of others.”