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Arrowhead Fall Fashion

The 2023 fall season begins on September 23rd and ends on November 30th and with this brings a switch from tanks and shorts to flannels and boots. 


According to the Arrowhead District Handbook, “Coats, hats, and other outer garments must be stored in school lockers unless granted permission by a faculty member for health, religious, or other permissible expectations.”


Although students must leave some items in lockers, some students embrace the fall season and put effort into fall outfits.


“My fall outfits I think are pretty good,” says senior Emily Biwer.


Other students are less eager to embrace fall styles. 


“I feel like for most people it’s just like the same thing they wear all year round. It’s Lululemon leggings and any kind of basic brand sweatshirt which I think is really boring,” says senior Emma Danes. 


The nearest Lululemon store to Arrowhead is located in the Corners of Brookfield.


“I get most of my clothes from various thrift stores but occasionally I go to Target or Marshalls,” says senior Ray Wieland. 


Current fall trends include flannels, ripped jeans, oversized crewnecks, and knitted sweaters. 


“Turtlenecks layered with sweaters are the cutest things ever,” says senior Molly Gibbons.


This year’s fashion combines older staples, like knitted sweaters, with newer ones, like cropped puffer vests.


“There are some more fancier clothes [compared to] last year,” says Biwer. 


Styles and trends students are drawn to may also depend on age or grade.


“The juniors have a different fashion sense than [the seniors],” says senior Mia DeAngelis.


Typically, the first week of October averages a high around 65 degrees fahrenheit, according to However, this year high temperatures from October first through October sixth average about 73 degrees fahrenheit.  


“It’s still really hot out but we’ll see [the] styles in like two weeks when it gets colder,” says Biwer.

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