Student Senate Hosts Winter Dress-up Days

During the week of 12/19, Student Senate is hosting winter-themed dress-up days to celebrate the upcoming winter break. 


Senate member, senior Grace Fitzgerald, said “Dress-up days are easy ways to connect with the people of Arrowhead. Student Senate decided to host dress-up days this next week to bring the school together before we all go our separate ways for the holiday break.


Monday, the 19th, is holiday pajama day, Tuesday is winter/ski gear day, Wednesday is ugly sweater day, and Thursday is red and green/holiday attire day. 


Places such as Kohls and Target have been selling Christmas pajamas for students in need of a pair, along with winter/ski gear being sold at places like Sierra Trading Post. 


“I feel they could be better and not just targeted towards Christmas, but they’re not too bad,” said Senior Ashley Wieland.


“I don’t like the ski gear day,” said Senior Ella Miller.


In 2021, the dress-up days consisted of snow attire, Christmas pajamas, and holiday sweaters/red and green. 


“I like last year’s better,” Miller said, “Besides the snow attire.”


According to the Senate webpage, the Senate hosts dress-up days to encourage students to have school spirit. The Senate has also created dress-up days for other holidays like Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. Likewise, Homecoming and Prom are other times when students show their school spirit, often going all out and embracing the themes to the fullest extent these weeks out of excitement for the upcoming dances.


Senior Olivia Schmidt says, “Holiday is better than Prom and Homecoming.”


Senate organizes these events and chooses the specific dress-up attire for each day, per the request of advisors Becky Gordon, Tamara Lindmair, and Shanna Morgan. Student Senate has an Instagram, @studentsenateahs, where they occasionally put out polls people can vote on for particular days, along with reminders of events.