Freshman year to senior: How Arrowhead’s fashion has changed throughout the years.

Many years of WINGS peer mentors have argued the same thing: time flies as a student at Arrowhead.  While time flies, so do fashion trends.  


This year’s graduation will be held on Saturday, June 3 but before that, this year’s seniors (among other classes) have given their commentary on how (and if) fashion has changed during their time at Arrowhead High School.


Junior Chloe Miller argues that she is an influential force in fashion at Arrowhead.  


“The percentage of style went up because of me,” says Miller.  There are no studies to prove this.  


Miller says that her style is “everything good” which includes “Urban Outfitters” and “thrifting.”


No other students interviewed have said that she is influential.  


Multiple students have noticed a recent trend of students wearing Urban Outfitters.  Specifically, the Urban Outfitters Women’s Nirvana Smile Overdyed Sweatshirt which can be purchased here.  


Junior Olivia Morse points out that the trend of “Jordans” has declined during her years at Arrowhead.  She refers to the Nike shoe brand Air Jordan.  She says that they once hit a peak in popularity at school before more people began to purchase the shoe.


“When everyone else has them then it’s not as cool,” says Morse on this trend.


Although there is plenty of love for fashion trends among the students, some have strong opinions on what trends they despise.  


Sophomore Sofie McGinley says that she hates the trend of “skinny jeans” that people wore her sophomore year of high school.


Morse says that the trend of students wearing Crocs was a “historic low” and that she once “went out with a kid who had seven pairs of crocs.”  They are no longer together.  Morse also dislikes the previously mentioned Nirvana sweatshirts.


“I feel like people will stop wearing their jewelry because it’s a hassle” says Morse on her fashion predictions for next year.