Students Participated in Winter Spirit Week

From December 19th to December 22nd 2022, Arrowhead had a spirit week to get students in the holiday spirit before winter break.


The themes were holiday pajamas, winter gear, ugly sweater, and red/green holiday attire. 


The Student Senate organized the event. The Senate announced the days on their instagram account. The instagram account can be found here


Senior Kate Sprinman participated in Monday’s dress up day, which was holiday pajamas. She wore green Christmas Story pajamas along with senior Dani Kosidowski. 


Sprinkman said, “I dress up when it’s comfortable; if it’s not comfortable like Ski/Winter Gear Day, I will not be dressing up. I don’t really care about dress up days, but if I get to wear pajamas to school then I am in favor.”


Tuesday the 20th was winter gear. The premise of this day was for students to wear clothes like snow pants, boots, hats, and other winter related items. 


Student Senate executive board member and Senior Grace Fitzgerald participated on this day by wearing a winter hat along with her winter jacket. 


Fitzgerald said, “I was most excited to participate in Pajama day on Monday and Red and Green day on Thursday.” 


The 21st was ugly sweater day. Students were encouraged to wear their tackiest holiday-themed sweaters. 


English teacher Ryan Andrews says he is a Christmas sweater enthusiast. 


Andrews said, “As a Christmas sweater aficionado, I obviously am most excited for the Ugly Sweater Day. I went with my Snoopy sweater this year for Ugly Sweater Day.”


The last dress up day took place on Thursday the 22nd. The theme was green and red holiday attire. 


Some dress up days that did not make the final selection included bring your own Christmas tree day. The theme was ultimately rejected because of safety concerns. 


Fitzgerald says, “Although spirit days aren’t huge school events such as Prom or Homecoming, they bring the school together. Spirit days allow students to come together as one school to celebrate upcoming events.”


Students who participate can submit their photos to the Student Senate Instagram page or email their photos to Lily Wakefield ([email protected]).