Bryce Harper Suspended After Confrontation with Umpire

Kyle Hoeppner, Reporter

Rising MLB star and Washington Nationals outfielder, Bryce Harper, was suspended for one game and fined an undisclosed amount of money for confronting an umpire after his ejection from Monday night’s win over the Detroit Tigers, 5-4, which was on May 9th.

Harper, who is the reigning National League MVP, has elected to file an appeal and was in the lineup for Wednesday night’s series finale against the Tigers. This night was also Bryce Harper MVP bobblehead night at Nationals Park..

In an interview by ESPN’s Eddie Matz, Harper discusses his opinion on the issue.

“‘I think the union, they’ll take care of that and figure out what happens,’ Harper said after Wednesday’s 3-2 win. ‘I think the only person that I’m pretty upset that saw it was my mom. I told her, ‘Sorry.’ I texted her after the game. So I think those are certain things that just happen. You live and you learn. Nothing I can do.’”

On Monday night, in the bottom of the ninth inning, Harper was ejected by the plate umpire, Brian Knight, after Nationals batter Danny Espinosa was called out on strikes. When someone is ejected from a game in the majors, he is required to leave the dugout.

Soon after Monday’s ejection, pinch-hitter Clint Robinson hit a game-ending home run, and Harper ran onto the field to celebrate with his teammates. Harper would then point toward Knight and curse at him.

In the ESPN article, Bryce Harper suspended 1 game for confronting umpire,

by Eddie Matz, Harper addresses the situation on and off the field.

“After the game, Harper described what he said as ‘a couple choice words.’ When a reporter mentioned the possibility of getting fined, Harper said: ‘If I do, I do. I’ll pay it. Maybe [Knight will] get fined, too. So we’ll see.’”

Arrowhead senior, Donat Berisha, said, “I’m not a real big baseball guy, but I know Harper’s suspension was something that had to be enforced. He is a great player, but what happened on the field should have been handled a little differently I guess.”

Harper is currently in the top ten for home runs so far this season and will continue to contribute to his team in the months to come.