Rim Rockers performing at Girls Varsity Basketball Game


Logan Winser, Reporter

Arrowhead DECA is marketing the Girls Arrowhead basketball game on Friday December 18th vs Mukwonago for their annual marketing night. The theme of the game is Star Wars. Staff, fans, and even mascots will be in Star Wars clothing as the new Star Wars movie is being released that same day. But that will not be the biggest thing happening on December 18th.

The Rim Rockers have announced they will be performing at halftime during the Girls Varsity Basketball game.

The Rim Rockers are a team of daredevils performers who perform at Bucks games and throughout the Milwaukee metro community. Their specialty is high-flying trampoline dunking according to their website. The members are made up of eleven dunking specialists around the midwest region.

They perform at the biggest Bucks games. Now they will be at Arrowhead performing in a high school gym due to Arrowheads DECAs effort to get them here.

Arrowhead junior Dowan Doughtry says he loves how Arrowhead is getting a huge performer like Rim Rockers to performer at the girls basketball game.

“I loved going to Bucks games when the Rim Rockers performed,” says Doughtry. “With Star Wars night going on and the Rim Rockers coming, this is going to be one of the best Arrowhead games in a while. I can’t believe Arrowhead was able to get them to our game.”

The girls varsity game is DECA’s Marketing Night where they will be marketing DECA, Arrowhead athletics, and Buckle Up.

Marketing teacher and DECA advisor Steve Melzer is in charge.

“The Rim Rockers are definitely the best appearance that has been made during Marketing Nights, or even Hawkfest,” says Melzer. “It took a long time to get them and a lot of phone calls, but we are happy to have them be a part of our Marketing Night.”

Melzer says he thinks with Star Wars and the Rim Rockers, Arrowhead East gym will be packed on December 18th.