Art Students Submit AP Art Portfolio 2022

Zara Agustin Jardon, reporter

The end of the school year is coming to an end which means the AP Studio Art had an exposition of juniors and seniors art projects. The Art was displayed in the North Campus library on June 16-27, 2022. These artists created a theme with their pieces of art to carry out a meaning with their own experiences and memories throughout their paintings. The juniors and seniors said goodbye to 2022 with the pieces they have been working on through the year.


Sherry Moseler, the AP Studio Art teacher said, “I think it’s fabulous (their art projects), obviously especially since I am their teacher. They did a great job since covid this is the first normal experience with the Art Show. Putting themselves out there after being secluded after two years they did an awesome showcasing of their work. Putting on their display which isn’t very easy to coming back from quarantine. They all were very vulnerable to put themselves out there and I am very proud of all of them.”


Five of the fifteen art pieces the students submitted were sent to the AP art board. Students summit the end-of-course portfolio presentation for AP Studio Art. Instead of an exam students turn in five physical copies to the AP art board. There are no requirements about what the art portfolio must be. Students got to choose their own theme to their portfolio. 


MJ Jenson, a senior in Ap Studio Art said, “I absolutely love bugs. While many people think they are scary or weird, I am always happy to see a small bug flying around or a spider in my window; I often feel like a butterfly I see outside understands me more than my peers in school.”


The art displayed in the library was a collection of art from grades 9 through 12th. It varies from all grades and represents all the art classes where students must submit a minimum of fifteen art pieces. The artist gets to decide which pieces they will turn in to the AP art board. All fifteen of the art pieces get posted in the North Campus Library. Some of the art are just pictures of the art since the five were sent in physically to be examined by the Ap art board. 


Jenson said, “My art is a reflection of times when I have felt insignificant, misunderstood, and unwanted. In society, bugs are often treated similarly, which is why they are the focal point of my portfolio. My art is a way of acknowledging, accepting, and revealing these feelings to others.” 


Jenson originally their art had bugs as the main figure, but once they gained more confidence they decided to do more self portraits with bugs intertwined. They used digital painting because they have been making digital art all throughout high school, and it’s their favorite thing to make. 


As a graduating senior Jenson hopes people learn to appreciate and be open-minded to more things in their life, whether it’s the people or something simple such as the bugs around them. 


Vinne Miels, a graduating senior said, “I mean I kind of just followed the curriculum. My art exists to make me happy. If I don’t enjoy the process of creating it—I won’t. It shows what I like and my love for creation. I’m just happy that other people got to see what I created.


For AP studio, Miels followed the theme of drawing their characters and their world. Deciding what each piece would be would be difficult as they would end up having to wait until Miels got inspired or else there would be no “life” to their work.


The Art Show was a submission of the artist’s work throughout the semester. Artists choose what to put in their AP art portfolio, only choosing fifteen of their best pieces of art. 


Nora Perugini, a junior said, “I was mainly inspired by personal events that happened last year. To pour all my emotion into my works, I felt very passionate to recreate scenes and memories of my past into my art, and I think it’s what helped me move along. I hope that I was able to portray my composition well with my overall AP portfolio. I am very glad to have been in AP studio and push my skills as an artist further. With the help of Mrs. Moseler and my peers, I hope to continue art in my college career and major in Art Education.”


Perugini said her art can mean a bunch of things to her. Some pieces are crafted out of love, while others are exploding with anger. It all depends on her mood and motivation. Overall though, she would say her art pieces are the recreations of memories from her life, good and bad.


She didn’t really have a set idea on what she wanted to do but they knew she wanted to reflect strong emotions in her piece. This gave her the idea to recreate and paint scenes and abstract compositions to really tell a story with each piece.