Rehearsals Start For The Spring 2022 Drama Play

Autumn Treml and Lucy Duchac

For their spring 2022 production, the Arrowhead drama department will be doing Trixie the Teen Detective and the Mystery of Gravestead Manor.


According to the Arrowhead Drama website, Trixie, the Teen Detective and the Mystery of Gravestead Manor, is “a cross between a Nancy Drew and a Scooby-Doo mystery, complete with chase sequences, physical comedy, and a wacky group of characters!  Trixie and her faithful chums set out to investigate ghostly Gravestead Manor…Lights have been seen inside the abandoned mansion, and they soon find that a wacky fortune teller and her cohorts have taken up residence in the manor and lights have been seen turning on and off the past few weeks.  While they are investigating, strangers keep arriving: an off-the-wall archeologist, a crew of female plumbers, even Trixie’s ditzy (but devoted!) housekeeper. But are any of them really who they say they are?”


Ro Strong, a senior at Arrowhead, will be the student director for this production.


Vivian Powers, a senior at Arrowhead will be playing the lead role of Trixie. She explains Trixie as “She is very bubbly, energetic, and very determined to solve all mysteries coming her way. In a weird way, Trixie reminds me of…well…me!”


Another cast member, Alex Cluka, (a senior at Arrowhead) playing Sheena, says “I am a combination of excited and nervous to be performing in a comedy as I am a more serious individual, which is conveyed in my acting. However, I lucked out by getting cast in a very dry-humored, sarcastic role which is more my speed.”


After auditions on March 14 and 15, with callbacks on Thursday, March 17th, the cast list was posted on Friday, March 18.


Following callbacks, the first practices for the production began on Monday, March 28th. This practice entailed the first read-through of the script.


Powers says, “First rehearsal went absolutely wonderful! We all played our parts off each other perfectly and I can tell that this is going to be both a great show and an awesome theater family!” 


Cluka says, “The first practice was chaotic, to say the least as everyone was eager to start exploring characters and methods of physical comedy. However, this just makes me hopeful that the show will turn out fantastic and still extremely goofy.”


You may have seen Powers as Cosette during the winter Les Miserables production. Powers has been a part of the Arrowhead Drama program for all her four years of high school taking part in four Arrowhead productions during this time. 


Powers says “I think it is awesome to have a role in an Arrowhead Comedy and to have the lead role is very exciting and end my senior year doing something that I love and thoroughly enjoy doing.” 


The production will have three showings on May 5-7, tickets are not yet for sale, but will be available on the Arrowhead Drama website closer to the performance dates.