2021 In Review

Lisa Jorgensen, Reporter

In 2021, Arrowhead students got to experience a more normal school year and attended annual things that the students in 2020 didn’t get to experience. 


Over the summer, freshmen students experienced the full WINGS, freshmen orientation, experience on August 18th through August 20th. In-coming freshmen gathered in the gym for the welcome ceremony with their peers. WINGS included activities that the Hawks Nest (groups of students with mentors) got to take part in and compete against each other. The freshmen got accustomed to Arrowhead in order to  start high school that fall.


In an The Arrowhead article titled “WINGS 2021: Freshman Class Acclimates to Arrowhead” Gianpaul Gambatese, a freshman at Arrowhead, said, “My favorite part of WINGS was meeting new people and running across North and South.”


As the school year started, Arrowhead DECA planned Hawkfest. Hawkfest is an annual school-wide event to kick off the school year with a home football game to follow. Hawkfest took place on September 16th after school. There were multiple sponsors sponsoring Hawkfest including Culvers and Midwest Twisters. There were games and activities for students to do. Arrowhead DECA raised over $20,000 from Hawkfest this year that went towards Make-A-Wish Foundation, HAWS, and Arrowhead DECA.


In an The Arrowhead Article titled “Hawkfest Raises Around $20,000 for Charity at 2021 Event” Ella Schieble, a senior at Arrowhead, said, “As a whole, so many people participated and there was a huge turnout which was great. Next year we are hoping to have a Hawkfest just as big as this year because it was a huge success, although it will be up to the new DECA leadership team to plan.”


Arrowhead celebrated the beginning of homecoming by having a spirit week planned by the student senate with the annual theme of ‘Red Out’ on Friday, October 10th for the pep rally. The pep rally was on the football field with field games such as Bubble Soccer, students in bubble balls playing soccer, and Tug of War along with activities that also got staff involved including an Administration Tricycle Race. Most of the student games had the upperclassmen (juniors and seniors) go up against the lowerclassmen (freshmen and sophomores).


In an The Arrowhead article titled “Arrowhead 2021 Homecoming Pep Rally Event Winners and More” Kyle Pierson, a sophomore at Arrowhead, said, “I got to see some of my friends play in it. I also thought it was interesting to watch.” Pierson’s favorite event at the pep rally was bubble soccer. 


In November, students attended, spoke at, and walked out of the school board meeting. The students were trying to make everyone feel safe and included at school by sharing their voices to change the safety issue with transgender students not feeling safe at school sometimes. The students went to the board meetings to have their voices heard and have the school board realize this problem. 


In an The Arrowhead article titled “Students Walk Out After Speaking At School Board Meeting” Grace Bielski, a choir teacher at Arrowhead, said that she was “incredibly proud of all the students who spoke and shared.” She wanted to tell the students “please know that you matter. Continue to raise your voice. Tell your story. Your courage, action, and love is what brings light to the darkness.” 


At the end of November, Arrowhead showed their support for the Waukesha South Blackhawks after the Waukesha Christmas Parade tragedy that took place and injured students in the Waukesha South Marching Band. Arrowhead showed their support by wearing red and/or black on November 23rd. Students wearing red and/or black were released from their ninth hour class five minutes early to gather on the football field to take a picture with the Arrowhead A to show their support. Students were directed to face the bleachers and hold up a heart with their hands as a drone took a picture of all the students. Students and staff from Waukesha South appreciated Arrowhead’s support.


In an The Arrowhead article titled “Arrowhead Responds to Tragic Waukesha Parade” Adam Kurth, principal of Arrowhead, said, “We were proud to see you all understand the gravity of what another school is experiencing and show your support. Students, staff, and families from the Waukesha School District have all reached out sharing their appreciation for your statement of support.”


Kyle Staus, a senior at Arrowhead, said, “It is my senior year, and it could not be any better. We had many fun events such as homecoming and sports that I loved being a part of.” Staus also said that the school year is going great so far.