Arrowhead Responds to Tragic Waukesha Parade

Hayley Winser, Reporter

Waukesha County held its annual Christmas Parade on Sunday, November 21st. The parade quickly turned from joyful to deadly when 39 year old Darrell Edward Brooks drove through the parade in his SUV, killing six people, and injuring more than 40. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, it was around 4:39 pm when the red SUV broke through the parade barriers and headed West on Main Street. The vehicle struck more than 20 people, some children. 


In a response to this event, Arrowhead’s North Campus Associate Principal, Becky Gordon, sent out an email  to all students and staff on Monday, November 22nd, saying, “Yesterday, we observed an unthinkable and heartbreaking event in Waukesha. Many of you and our AHS families attended or are connected to those affected by the event.” Gordon continued on to say that instead of the original plan of wearing flannels on the 23rd, students should now wear the colors black and red to support the Waukesha Blackshirts, the school most affected by the tragedy. The Waukesha South marching band was in the parade, and the parade occured in the Waukesha district. 


That email also stated that any student wearing black or red would be released from their 9th hour class five minutes early, and brought out to the football field to take a picture to further show support. 


Once all the students were on the field, they were directed to face the Arrowhead bleachers and hold up a heart with their hands. 


In an additional email sent out to all students and staff by Arrowhead’s Principal, Adam Kurth, said, “We were proud to see you all understand the gravity of what another school is experiencing and show your support.  Students, staff, and families from the Waukesha School District have all reached out sharing their appreciation for your statement of support.” 


At the bottom of the email was a link to the video created from Tuesday. That video is linked here.


Arrowhead’s facebook account,, posted the video on November 23rd.

Here are some comments from the video.


  • “From a Blackshirt, on our marching band, thank you it means a lot that you guys came together to do this and it’s amazing. Your support means a lot.” 
  • “Thank you from Waukesha South staff.”
  • “This is one of the coolest things from AHS. Nice to see humanity in the chaos.”