WINGS 2021: Freshman Class Acclimates to Arrowhead

Ava Lillesand, Reporter


WINGS is Arrowhead’s freshman orientation. This event happened August 18th, 19th, and 20th of 2021. The students were to arrive every morning between 7 and 7:30 at South Campus. 


The director of WINGS and an Arrowhead guidance counselor is Thomas Stuber. He says the program is, “A three day event packed full of fun and engaging activities for freshman students… WINGS attracts roughly 30 staff members and 70 WINGS Mentors…as helpers.” These students and teachers are each assigned to a Hawksnest. A Hawksnest  has 20-30 kids and these were picked at random. There the incoming freshmen  are given lessons to teach and icebreakers to engage their group in. 


Each year, the goal of WINGS is to introduce Arrowhead to it’s incoming freshmen. Whether the student is new to the district, new to the city, or is just new to high school, “The goal of WINGS is to welcome the freshman into the Arrowhead family and eliminate most stress and angst that is associated with starting high school as a freshman,” Stuber says. 


Mallory Partello, a freshman at Arrowhead, says that WINGS was beneficial because, “I just moved here.” 


Ella Cutts, a freshman, said it was helpful because she “got to learn where my classes were and find my locker. I met a lot of my teachers.” 


WINGS also includes games such as a scavenger hunt, trivia competitions, and a door decorating contest. On top of these games, there is a hypnotist, pep rally, and welcome ceremony. 


Gianpaul Gambatese, a freshman, said that, “My favorite part of WINGS was meeting new people and running across North and South.” 


Ty Malison, a freshman at Arrowhead,  had a similar favorite to Gianpaul. Malison says his favorite was, “All the activities.”