Hawkfest Raises Around $20,000 for Charity at 2021 Event


This year’s Hawkfest ran Friday, September, 17th from 4:00-8:00 pm, followed by an Arrowhead football game that began at 7 pm against Kettle Moraine. Arrowhead won the game 16-0. Hawkfest was outside the North Campus and was full of different events.


Some of those things were clubs with booths, donuts that were made right in front of you, an obstacle course from Midwest Twisters, and bouncy houses that varied in size. 


Senior Kyle Staus, DECA’s chapter president said that this year Hawkfest raised around $20,000.


Senior Ella Schieble, DECA’s head coordinator for Hawkfest, said DECA does not yet have a precise figure because they have “not yet counted all of the money because there is so much we have raised.”


Attendees could purchase tickets for a dollar a piece and could use tickets on food, drinks, and games. Some booths were free and the attendees won a prize while others required tickets.


Staus also says, “All the money [raised will be donated] towards Arrowhead DECA’s chapter, and our local HAWS and Make-A-Wish foundations.” 


Teacher at Arrowhead High School, Steve Melzer, was one of the teachers in charge of Hawkfest. He sent an email to the staff in which he said, “The 13th Annual DECA Hawkfest was a huge success. Funds raised will go towards the Make-a-Wish Foundation, HAWS, and DECA Community service projects including Marketing Nights this basketball season.” 


Hawkfest included booths about clubs where attendees could win prizes and get information. Some clubs that participated were Warhawk Interact, a volunteer club; Girl up, promoting and helping girls everywhere; Best Buddies, a club focusing on those with special needs and volunteering with them; and many more clubs that participated and set up booths. 


Staus thinks there could have been more sponsors and a better electricity plan because some of it went out during Hawkfest. But Staus also says it, “Couldn’t have gone better.” 


Schieble said, “As a whole, so many people participated and there was a huge turnout which was great. Next year we are hoping to have a Hawkfest just as big as this year because it was a huge success, although it will be up to the new DECA leadership team to plan.”


Staus also comments on next year’s Hawkfest and says, “Hopefully next year will be even bigger and better.”