Arrowhead 2021 Homecoming Pep Rally Event Winners and More


Annually, Arrowhead provides a Pep Rally as part of homecoming festivities. At the assembly, students gather and participate in a multitude of activities. This year, it took place at the football stadium on Friday, October 1st, after the 10th hour.


Winners of the activities were:

Student Section Race: Sylvan Millivote, Senior

Ice T-Shirts: Juniors

Bubble Soccer: Seniors

TP a Teacher: Juniors

Tug of War: Upperclassmen

Limbo: Juniors



In past years, Pep Rallys were held inside the gym, and games such as musical chairs were played.

Adam Kurth, Arrowhead’s principal, says, “I’m looking forward to seeing Mr. Mangan ride a tricycle.”  Kurth and Mangan were partnered in the tricycle race and won.


This year is Kurth’s first time experiencing an Arrowhead Pep Rally. He says, “This is one of the best times of the school year.  I am really looking forward to my first Warhawk rally and seeing the students show their school pride.”


Kurth believes that Pep Rallys are a good way to show school spirit. As part of the homecoming festivities, Red Out was chosen for Friday. Kurth says, “It will be a pretty awesome sight to see 2,000 students, in a sea of red, cheering together for their school.”


Sophomore Luke Dongarra’s favorite part was bubble soccer. Bubble soccer lasted for about 10 minutes each half. Dongarra said, “it was entertaining and funny.”


Bubble soccer had Upperclassmen go up against lower-classmen, just like many of the other games. 


Sophomore Kyle Pierson’s favorite event was bubble soccer as well. Pierson said, “…I got to see some of my friends play in it. I also thought it was interesting to watch.”


Kurth encourages students to enjoy these Pep Rallys. Kurth said, “We hope every student wants to be a part of this great school celebration.  We say it often… you only get four years of high school. There is something very special about the pageantry of high school and homecoming week.  Take full advantage and be a part of it.  There is nothing like it once you leave these walls.” 


There were much more than athletic games. The Hawkettes performed a dance routine, Marching Band played in the hallways and field, and an English 10 teacher was nominated to get pied in the face.