Getting to Know Arrowhead’s Class of 2022 Gators


Sophie Illman, Reporter

Gators are students from the senior class chosen by the previous Gators to lead the student section at sports events, as well as pick themes for the games. They are chosen during the summer going into their senior year.  

This year’s class of 2022’s gators are seniors Caiden Anderson, Lauren Dentz, Kara Nixdorf, Mia Miller, Alex Deubal, Spencer Tomich. Their newest member, senior Emiliano Ramos, was added by this year’s Gators.

 Tomich says Arrowhead students have a lot to look forward to for this fall season, like homecoming week themes, Nerf wars, and pep rallies. All future information can be found on the AHS Gators Instagram page.

Seniors Anderson and Miller said they both were thrilled to say that Hawksfest is going to be a great time for the students as well as families in the districts. 

Miller says, “Hawksfest this Friday, September 17,  is going to be a great night especially because DECA is doing such a great job preparing for the event.” 

Other than Hawksfest, Anderson says that he thinks the Homecoming “Red out” game against Waukesha South, on October 1st, is going to be one of the best of the season and is thinking it will be one of the most exhilarating games as well. 

Ramos says, “I feel like we represent Arrowhead positively because we all show up to the events routy and ready to be loud. We try our best to support all the teams while making it enjoyable for all the students. I also feel like we encourage a lot of leadership and school spirit onto a lot of the underclassmen.”

Senior Harrison Solliday and Joey Neubert both say that the Gators do a great job at running the social media account, but do poorly with leading the student sections in cheers and putting effort into school pride. 

Neubert says, “ I would like to see the Gators show up to most if not all of the games and be on time.” 

Solliday says something he would like to see in the future from the Gators is “more energy and some better chants.”