Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Visit Cancer Patients


Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Smile with Cancer Patient Julia Davidson During a Visit at Rady Children's Hospital

Maria Francis, Reporter

On December 29th, Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus visited 8-year old cancer patient Julia Davidson at Rady Children’s hospital.

According to CBS journalist Jennifer Earl, the famous couple made a secret visit in San Diego to Rady’s Children’s Hospital. Neither of Julia’s parents, Jessica and Todd Davidson, knew about the unexpected visit. The nurses told them to grab a piece of paper.

Jessica guessed maybe it was for an autograph, though she did not know that it was for Miley Cyrus. When Cyrus and Hemsworth appeared in Julia’s room, her face immediately lit up, according to

“‘That’s Miley Cyrus; she’s a judge on ‘The Voice’,’” Jessica whispered in her daughter’s ear.”

Julia always sings to nurses and doctors, so an employee told her to sing to Cyrus. Julia sang the song “Rainbow Connection.”

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Todd, Julia’s father, is a full-time musician. He explained that Julia was raised around rehearsals and productions.

When Julia sang the song, Cyrus said that “Rainbow Connection” is her favorite song. Almost right away, Cyrus started sniffling and wiped her eyes as a nurse comforted her.


“You made me cry because you were so beautiful,” Cyrus said. “That was so beautiful. Do you know how important it is to make people cry when you sing?”

“That’s a really good gift you’ve got. Amazing,” Hemsworth added.

“If I was in my Voice chair right now I would have turned around for you, for sure,” Cyrus said,” said Earl, CBS News.

Julia smiled as the famous couple complimented her.

In April of 2015, Julia was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Last January. after rounds of chemotherapy, Julia went into remission. She still receives monthly treatments.

Her father explained that the cancer that Julia has requires ongoing treatment to prevent relapse. He said that the treatment has been going on for over a year and a half and will continue for some time. He said that Julia is doing really well and and they hope everything works out.

“‘It was something she wanted to do to cheer up the kids. She visited almost all the kids on the oncology floor,’” said Todd on CBS.