Part-time Jobs Impact Academic Success

Sonja Bergum, Reporter

September 19, 2014

According to the 2013 U.S. Census, one in every four high school students in the U.S. sixteen-years-old and older has a part-time job. The main two reasons high school students obtain a part time job is to save up money for coll...

Student Opinions of School Lunches

Logan Morrison, Reporter

September 18, 2014

At Arrowhead High School, hot lunch is an everyday thing for students, especially for those who don’t have cold lunch, forget their lunch, or have assisted meals. But one thing the students question is the health and quality of ...

Hiding in the Open

Rosie Belson

May 27, 2014

Recently I had the pleasure of seeing Arrowhead’s black box theater production of Hiding in the Open, performed with outstanding maturity and gravity necessary to undertake the Holocaust centered play. Upon stepping into the...

My Love Affair with Fault in Our Stars

Erin Novak

May 19, 2014

Everyone I know has been begging me to read Fault in Our Stars by John Greenfor months now. I, myself, am not much of a reader so ignored the constant pleads of my best friend to read this book. Then last Sunday, I finished my homew...

Characteristics in Great Teachers

Lane Kohl

April 4, 2014

A positive experience with one of your teachers throughout your life is something every student wishes they could acquire.  In this student-teacher relationship, you get to learn what the other is like and figure out great characteristics...

What Makes a Great Teacher

Erin Novak

April 4, 2014

The difference between an “ok” teacher to a “great” teacher is their willingness to go above and beyond. Great teachers challenge students through a hardworking but comfortable environment. They bring a bang to the topic...

What Makes a Great Teacher?

Nala Paulsen

April 4, 2014

Most students have experienced both good and bad teaching. There are many qualities of a great teacher. I think every good teacher should be able to push their students, be a good communicator, be able to evaluate himself and...

What Makes A Great Teacher?

Austin Konen

April 4, 2014

Teachers are the guide to our future. That’s why we need good ones in this world. If you don’t have good teachers, you don’t have good kids and our future could be ruined. Many things make a good teacher, but there are three...