Students Vote for This Year’s Prom Theme

Prom will be held Saturday, May, 20th at the Brookfield Conference Center for our juniors and seniors. This year’s prom choices were sent out in a survey to the class of 2024 and 2023 through email from Associate Principal Becky Gordan. 


The choices consisted of the following: 

  • Masquerade Ball 
  • Enchanted Fairytale
  • Night at the Disco 

Gordon said, in that email, that since the second semester is in full swing, the Student Senate committee is starting to plan this year’s prom. The email was sent out on January 30th and students have until Friday, February 3 to fill out the survey. 


Most of the junior and senior talked to were in agrance that the choices were not the greatest. 


Senior Jacie O’shea said she didn’t like most of the themes that were listed to choose from. 


“The selection was very slim,” O’Shea said. She said the masquerade theme was the best out of the three.


Junior Noelle Urban said that she does not personally like the themes but voted for masquerade. 


Junior Sara Pfeiffer said, “Night at the Disco is honestly more of a homecoming theme than a prom theme and fairytale just doesn’t sound fun.” Pfeiffer also voted for masquerade. The homecoming theme for this year was, Red Carpet. 


Senior Caitlyn Soya said she liked the theme choices. She chose to vote for the Disco theme because it reminds her of Taylor Swift, but she said she also thought about voting for the Masquerade theme because it reminds her of the show Gossip Girl, when they would have their Masquerade dances.