National Plan for Vacation Day was January 31st; Here’s what Arrowhead Students did

James Norcross, Reporter

Beaches with coconut water and pee-infested water parks exist…but not in Hartland, Wisconsin. Arrowhead students who wish to visit beaches or have dreams of their own desire had the chance to on January 31st—the wildly unpopular “National Plan for Vacation Day,” according to the U.S. Travel Association (UTA).  


This day is celebrated on the last Tuesday in January and is a “day to encourage Americans to plan their vacation days for the whole year” and “explore the USA,” says the UTA. How did teenage Arrowhead students take advantage of this day?


This holiday was created by Americans—this makes sense given that those in countries in Europe refer to vacations as holidays. National Plan for Holiday Day may be a bit of a tongue twister. This may give reason as to why there is no such day of this purpose outside of the United States.


Coincidentally, this holiday was on the same day as the Arrowhead Boys Basketball game.  


Basketball player and Junior Jay Hasse says this holiday will “probably not” draw the crowd away from the game and if someone throws a party where everyone goes to instead of the basketball game. However, if a party of this matter is thrown they “better not be” on the “Southwest” Airline website.


It is unknown if this holiday had an effect on the attendance of this basketball game.


The popularity of this day appears to be minimal among Arrowhead Students. Junior Mei Astle says that she “did not know” about this holiday and although she “is so glad” she knows now, she will “probably not” tell anyone about it.  


Senior Alaina Gouge says that she will “probably plan a vacation with” her “friend group before” they “all go off to college.” This cruise will not be a Disney cruise however—Gouge says that “Disney’s not a bad cruise but for college students” a “Caribbean cruise” would be more suitable.