What Students are Doing for the Mid-Winter Break on February 20th

As students settle into their second semester classes and wind down from winter break festivities, students begin looking forward to the upcoming mid-winter break on February 20th. 


Arrowhead students are given a Monday, February 20th off in order to have a three day weekend. 


Maura Phillips, an Arrowhead sophomore, says, “I was not aware we had an extended weekend.” 


Many students are saying it would be a good idea to have Monday, February 23 off as well in order to make a four day weekend. Phillips says, “Yes I do think they should do that.” 


Haylie Gray, an Arrowhead Sophomore, says, “I think they should extend the break for sure, it’s been awhile since winter break and most students, including myself, would love the mental break of a four-day weekend.”


Students plan to spend their days off doing different things. 


Gray says, “I am going to spend most of my time sleeping and working because I love sleeping.”


Evalisse Brimm, an Arrowhead Sophomore, says, “I am going to spend most of my time with friends and family.”


Phillips says, “I will probably sleep and watch Grey’s Anatomy.” 


The next break is spring break which goes from March 27th through the 31st 2023.