Student Senate Hosts Egg Hunt


Alex Stahl, Reporter

Student Senate is hosting its annual easter egg hunt on Saturday, April 9th from nine to eleven am. This event will be taking place in the South Campus cafeteria.


This is an annual event that is open to staff and their families. Staff were told to “bring their own Easter baskets.”


The event is free for everyone and the optimal age group is between age two and elementary school age.


Kyle Staus, the president of student senate said, “We wanted to put money for this to do something good for the community. Senate does more through the school but like to do the blood drives but the egg hunt is for the whole community.”


Sylvia Purko and Cadence Klaustermeier, both sophomores are the committee leaders of this event. Purko, a sophomore said, “The goal of the Easter Egg Hunt is to put on a successful and fun event for the AHS staff and their families. We are planning to make fun, Easter-related activities for the guests to enjoy during the event.”


This event has multiple activities, such as two egg hunts, one that starts at 9:30am and the other that starts at 10:15am. There will also be crafts and egg dying. 


This is the first time this event is taking place in two years. Staus said, “Due to Covid we could not have the event the past two years, we have had it before.”


Purko said, “Overall, we are hoping that the AHS staff and their families enjoy their experience at this event, as well as enjoy the celebration of Easter!”


Ron Reichle, a history teacher at Arrowhead said, “It looks like a great fun idea for the kids to do on a Saturday, I personally can’t attend but it looks great.”