Arrowhead’s NHS Puts On Chuck A Puck

Lucy Duchac and Autumn Treml

This Saturday, January 8th, NHS hosted their second Chuck A Puck fundraiser. Their first fundraiser was hosted on Thursday, December 23rd. 


The Chuck A Puck fundraiser is used by the Madison Capitols regularly. According to the Madison Capitols’ hockey website “Chuck A Puck is a fun and unique contest at the start of the second intermission during Capitols Hockey games.”


The Madison Capitols Chuck A Puck has partnered with many different organizations and businesses. According to their website, these organizations include Christy’s Landing, Dave & Busters, Marcus Theatres, Longhorn Steakhouse, Jersey Mike’s, Fleet Farm, Tom Foolery’s, and more.


Following in the footsteps of what Madison Capitols call, an “age-old tradition”, Arrowhead’s NHS has taken up this fundraiser. 


During a break in the Arrowhead hockey game, attendees were able to purchase pucks to compete in the Chuck A Puck. One puck was sold for one dollar and 6 pucks were sold for 5 dollars. With these pucks, attendees attempted to throw the puck so that it lands as close to the center of the Arrowhead “A” as possible. 


The closest to the center earned half of the earnings from the puck purchases. The other half went to the club fundraising through the program—NHS. 


The first fundraiser on the 23rd “sold close to 60 or 70 pucks,” (which equates to 30 to 35 dollars fundraised) says Alyssa Nielsen, senior at Arrowhead, and co-president of Arrowhead’s NHS.


Along with fundraising for important AHS clubs, the Chuck A Puck fundraiser aims to bring more attention to the AHS hockey team. 


Nielsen says that one of the main purposes of the Chuck A Puck is to “get people to go to the game.” 


Besides the already entertaining game, NHS hopes to get more people attending Arrowhead hockey games, says Sylvan Millevolte—senior and co-president of NHS. The Chuck A Puck draws attention to Arrowhead sports and gives one lucky winner the opportunity to score some extra cash and a fun Chuck A Puck experience.