Arrowhead Drama Spring Play Begins May 9

Nora Voght, Reporter

From May 9th to the 11th, the AHS Drama Department will be performing the spring play of Fools. Tickets are $8.00, and seats are general admission (doors will open 30 minutes prior to the show starting). Online tickets were available for purchase starting on March 22nd. This form can also be filled out and given to Maralynn Markano.

Markano, director of the show, is also an English teacher, and acting teacher.

She says, “Fools is a comic fable (laugh-out-loud comedy) written in the 1980s but set in the antiquated village of a remote village in the Ukraine, Kulyenchikov.  Leon Tolchinsky has been hired by the town’s doctor, Dr. Zubritsky, to tutor his daughter Sophia. Leon quickly discovers the town has been under a curse for the last 200+ years, in which all inhabitants of the town are “no smarter than a bump on a log.  The curse can only be broken if Sophia marries the current Count Yousekevitch, which she won’t or if Leon can teach her something significant. Complications arise when he falls instantly in love with Sophia but learns that he, too, will fall under the curse if he can not raise her intelligence in 24 hours.”

Markano says, “When I started here, I immediately went to my High School Director; they suggested that I do Fools. I finally decided that this is the year to show it.”

Sarah Niemczyk, a sophomore at AHS, is playing Sophia Zubritsky. She says, “One of my goals for the play is to create a realistic character that will help make the story more relatable to the audience.”

Markano says, “The comedy is very difficult to seem natural; however, the students are portraying it very well and the students are doing it very well.”

Niemczyk says, “Preparation is going very well so far. Everyone is extremely dedicated, and that is vital for developing characters, comedy, and interactions between characters.”

Markano says, “[My goal is] to put on a good play. I want my students involved in the play to have a good experience. I want that humor to be portrayed well. I hope we bring in audience. I am super proud of how hard the students have been working to do the best they can; and I know they can.”

Markano says, “Keep an eye out for the sheep.”