The Christmas Season Brings Holiday Shopping

Morgan Konopka, Reporter

Christmas shopping is in season with students and parents jumping for good deals. Many Arrowhead students went Christmas shopping on Black Friday, and are continuing to wait and look for deals. Christmas is coming up on December 25th.

Ellie Artone, a senior at Arrowhead, said, “I have started shopping for all of my family to start with, I love this time of the year, it feels so good to give back to the impactful people in my life.”

Artone says she enjoys the love and generosity she feels during the holidays.

Artone says, “Now that I am 18-years old with a job, I am able to buy my loved ones presents with my own money, and nothing feels better than them knowing I went out of my way to get them this present with my own money. The feeling is so different from when I’m just using my parents money to buy others gifts. It has become a whole new experience, honestly.”
Many students in high school are now able to afford presents for others. Christmas shopping is known for giving to others to show love and appreciation.

Tori Kafkas, a senior at Arrowhead, said, “It is the most joyful time of the year who wouldn’t want to give presents to the people you love? I love Christmas shopping it makes me so happy and excited to give the person, I’m buying it for, the present. It is by far the best time of the year to go shopping”

Kafkas loves the fulfilling joy of buying these presents when she Christmas shops at places like Target, Kohls, Michaels, etc. Kafkas had stated the feeling of remorse while shopping on any regular day, Kafkas then explained the feeling of remorse is no longer there while Christmas shopping.

“I don’t know what it is, but I just don’t care how much money I spend while Christmas shopping, the feeling of joy and adrenaline overcomes everything.”