Arrowhead Students Share Opinion on Winter Clothing Trends

Bella Schuelke, Reporter

As December approaches, Arrowhead students are beginning to switch up their wardrobes as they prepare for the cold. Students share what they wear to school and what they see others wearing.

Saniya Saluja, sophomore at Arrowhead, says, “On a normal basis, I usually wear like jeans or leggings with long sleeve shirts or sweaters…They [other Arrowhead students] pretty much wear the same thing.”

She says she usually sees girls wearing long sleeves or short sleeves with cardigans. Saluja says, “I buy winter clothes from Charlotte Russ, and I online shop sometimes.”

Saluja says she participated in both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Megan Spyers-Duran says she likes to wear “sweatpants or leggings because it’s cold and when you wear jeans they like get cold and…hard and frozen and that’s not fun for anyone. I like to wear sweatshirts…I care more about being comfortable and warm [than being stylish] because the school is always so cold.”

Spyers-Duran preaches thrift shopping as she says, “I thrift a lot of my clothes because we’re eco conscious and you don’t need to buy new clothes when there’s already so many clothes that exist. Look at what I’m wearing right now.” She pointed at her color blocked crew neck, “thrifted”.

Spyers-Duran says her friends inspire her fashion sense.

Other students like Megan Reetz, Katie Rader, and Ashlyn Albers all agree that they traditionally wear jeans or leggings and a long sleeve shirt or sweater to school in the winter months.

Popular stores mentioned by females for clothes shopping include Hollister, American Eagle, and Lululemon.

Logan Gehring, sophomore, says in winter, he and his friends wear hoodies and khakis, jeans, or sweatpants. For shoes he wears, “tennis shoes…Sperry’s, Nike’s, Adidas.”

Bradley Proell, says he usually wears “sweatpants and a sweatshirt with tennis shoes. My favorite brand is Nike, and I like to shop online.”

Jennifer Cropsey-Brown, Psychology teacher at North Campus at Arrowhead, says she sees students wear “ a lot of leggings, crop sweaters, chunky sweaters…Timberlands, hiking boots, lace up boots…[and] plaid.

She says she sees a lot of tennis shoes. “I think tennis shoes are really hot right now. Like designer you know, cute tennis shoes…other than just the gym, you know?”

As for stores, she says she sees students wearing clothes from “…higher end stores, yeah. There’s Target stuff, Kohl’s stuff, Nordstrom stuff,  you know, Vineyard Vines that’s online.”

Brown says the style seems of to have a“…70s and a 90s kind of vibe right now…You got the corduroy coming back, that’s totally 70s. The plaid is totally 90s. The grunge, you know what I mean? And the combat boots, that’s all 90s for sure.”