Arrowhead’s Global Experience Students Visit Milwaukee

Meleana Strecher, Reporter

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Global Experience is a program at Arrowhead students can join. It is a path of courses that help students focus on global themes. It allows students to think deeper, get a new perspective, and take action on issues important to them. Students in the program also earn a Global Experience Achievement Certification.

According to the Global Experience webpage, the four main goals of Global Experience are investigating themes of global significance, recognizing one’s own perspective and gaining perspective from others, communicating with a number of different audiences far and near, and taking action on issues of global significance in an effort to improve our world.

To enroll in Global Experience, students must have at least two years of a foreign language, successful completion of a ninth-grade social studies class, and enroll in one other foreign language class.

On Tuesday, October 6th, the Global Experience junior class went on a field trip to Jones Island Sewage Plant. Environmental Biology teacher and Global Experience Advisor says, “They learned about the process of milorganite, a type of fertilizer that is produced and distributed from Milwaukee. We also went to a recycling plant in Milwaukee where we learned about different forms of recycling.”

The junior class of Global Experience chose a country at the beginning of the year to be the main focus of comparing to the United States. Everything in the class is based around their country. They have been focusing on social justice for the first quarter.

The field trip to the Sewage Plant and recycling center gave the students concepts to compare and contrast. They will be comparing the environmental factors and social justice the United States has to that of their country.

Albers said, “Our main goal is to compare our developed ways of recycling to undeveloped countries ways of recycling.”

Arrowhead senior Barrin Griffin says, “No, I don’t know about. I’ve heard it out the mouths of others and I just do not know enough information about it.”

The junior class must be in the global seminar class, year three or four of a language, language arts, science, and at least three other credits from two classes that aren’t on the list.

Seniors must take the global capstone class, year 4, 5, or AP language, social studies class, and an economics class, along with three other credits from two classes that are not on the list.

Arrowhead senior and foreign exchange student from New Zealand Camryn Coles says, “I chose this class because I thought it sounded interesting. It’s really cool that there is a class like this at Arrowhead, we don’t have stuff like this.”

Additional requirements are eight cultural literacy reflections on international media, 20 hours in a global community service project, and active reflection on at least four globally focused activities/co-curricular.

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