Arrowhead Students Share Opinions on Fall Fashion Trends

Raegan Mann and Cece Phillips

Arrowhead students are getting ready for fall and the fashion trends by thinking about what they want to wear during the autumn season and where they should buy them.

Arrowhead seniors, Mackenzie Peschong, Joe Tweet, Joe McWilliams, Kaitlyn Laufenberg, Noah Klockow, Kyle O’Connor, Adam Esslinger, Abby Fritz, and Kobe Chang share their opinions on what’s “hot” for this year’s cool season.

“I usually wear sweatshirts, leggings, or jeans in fall. The big thing for high school clothing in general is keeping it casual or careless, but still making it look good. So wearing a sweatshirt, which is casual, with a cool graphic or something, which is cute,” says Peschong.

Laufenberg says that students can’t go wrong with wearing dark colors, flannels, and scarves.

“I know nothing about fashion. Just wear whatever you want,” says O’Connor.

“Camo print is making a comeback. I’m wearing camo right now. I saw a couple people wearing camo sweatpants and t-shirts today…I order most of my clothes from, or I go to Tilly’s at the mall. Tilly’s is a good store to go to if you’re not sure what’s in style or whatever,” says Tweet. “The people there usually know what’s trending.”

Tilly’s is a SoCal inspired clothing store located at Brookfield Square Mall and also at Southridge Mall. Tilly’s is open Monday through Saturday from 10AM-9Pm and on Sundays from 11AM-6PM.

According to, “Tilly’s is a leading specialty retailer of casual apparel, footwear and accessories for young men, young women, boys and girls with an extensive assortment of iconic global, emerging, and proprietary brands rooted in an active and social lifestyle. Tilly’s is headquartered in Irvine, California and currently operates 222 total stores, including three RSQ pop-up stores, across 31 states.”

Tilly’s sells brands like Adidas, Champion, Billabong, Birkenstock, Converse, Diamond Supply Co., Element, HUF, Hurley, Kendall and Kylie, Levi’s, Nixon, O’Neill, Popsockets, Ray Ban, RVCA, Salty Crew, Santa Cruz, TOMS, Vans, Volcom, and much more. They sell skate brands, surf brands and seasonal items. Shoppers can also find accessories like watches, sunglasses, bags, purses, fanny packs, phone accessories, water bottles, and even stickers and patches.

“For shirts, I usually go with black or white. If I do wear a different color it’s darker, more muted colors. For pants I wear black jeans or khakis. For shoes, probably Converse, or Vans, or like Yeezys or something,” says McWilliams.

“From what I’ve seen, girls tend to wear a lot of cardigans, flannels, and dark colors. Senior girls like to wear a lot of college sweatshirts. I’ve seen a lot of Uggs and leggings and stuff. Lots of comfortable clothing…my everyday outfit for fall is a sweater and khakis or black jeans, and then vans,” says Klockow.

Klockow recommends turtleneck sweaters, parkas, and denim jackets.

“Turtleneck sweaters are my favorite thing, because they’re so comfortable, and look good on boys and girls,” Klockow says.

“Beanies are always in this time of year. And silly socks. I love silly socks,” says senior Fritz.

If you are interested in finding “silly socks”, shoppers can buy them at JCPenney, Zumiez, Spencer’s, Target, Walmart, and Macy’s.

“I think you can wear anything you want as long as it makes you feel confident and happy. That’s all that matters,” says Chang.

Senior Adam Esslinger works at Tilly’s in the Brookfield mall along with some other Arrowhead students. His store at the mall receives seasonal shipments of stylish clothing that show what’s in for the season.

“In the girl’s section, it’s a lot of distressed denim and muted earth tones. The boy’s section has a lot of graphic tees and layers. My favorite thing in Tilly’s that we have right now are the shoes and the sweatshirts that we have. The windbreaker I have on right now is from Tilly’s, actually,” says Esslinger.

Arrowhead students also had opinions about what’s not-so in for this year’s fall fashion season.

“Stop wearing Crocs, or really long sweatshirts with no pants. And please for the love of God, get some shorts that fit over your butt. That doesn’t look good on anyone,” says Peschong.

“I think people should stop wearing dark mustard yellow. That color is just ugly,” says Laufenberg.

“It’s not really any particular style that I don’t like seeing, but I do see a lot of people wearing Vineyard Vines shirts, and I don’t like those. Also, I wish people who didn’t skateboard would stop wearing skater brands, like Thrasher. That just looks like you’re posing,” says McWilliams.