Arrowhead Football Team Keeps Winning

Jake Kellerman and Meleana Strecher

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On Friday, October 5th, Arrowhead Varsity Football has their seventh regular season game. They are playing Mukwonago at Mukwonago High School at 7 p.m. It is Mukwonago homecoming game.

The Arrowhead Varsity Football team has won their last four games of the 2018 season, putting them at 4-3 for the season and 4-2 for conference play.

The team started their season with three straight losses to Marquette, Muskego, and Catholic Memorial. Since then, the Warhawks have beat Kettle Moraine, Waukesha South, Oconomowoc, and Waukesha West.

The Arrowhead coaching staff changed their quarterback from junior Tommy Darrow to senior Nic Wohlfiel after week three and their third straight loss.

Wohlfiel, who was starting at safety before the change, had experience at the quarterback position sophomore year. Wohfiel asked the coaching staff to give him a shot, and they didn’t hesitate, according to Wohlfiel.

Jack Hazod, the starting defensive end, says, “Wohlfiel has [been] more experienced and more confident.”

Wohlfiel is up this week for Wisconsin’s sports “Player of the Week” along with four other candidates.

“I am so honored to be nominated for such a cool accomplishment, but right now I am more focused on the team getting the win on Friday so we can continue running the table,” says Wohlfiel.

Although the teams feels it is just more than the quarterback switch that is making them play better.

“Our mentality is a lot better as a team and our team chemistry is a lot better as well. We also have been communicating a lot more. People are doing exactly what they need to for their jobs,” says Hazod.

The team is eligible to make the playoffs with the four consecutive wins. To become eligible for the WIAA Football state playoffs you need to have at least four wins and have a better record than thirty-two other teams. If Arrowhead wins another game this season they are guaranteed a playoff position.

“We want to make a deep playoff run bad. We want to put up a state champion banner up here at Arrowhead,” says Jacob Boray the starting boundary cornerback for the Warhawks.

The team is hoping to be back in the state championship game for the first time since 2015. The Warhawks lost that championship game to the Kimberly Papermakers 49-42.

The football team’s next opponent is Mukwonago, who is overall 5-2 on the season and 4-2 in conference. The game will be at Mukwonago High School Friday, October 5th, at 7pm.

With the weather being subpar this week and with lots of rain, the football team has had to adjust their practices, even going inside on Monday to practice in the gym. This is good practice since on Friday there is predicted rain on the forecast around game time, which if they have a turf field may make the game a little harder.

“I watched an extensive amount of film on the secondary and interior linebackers I also went hard in practice during the week on every rep and every situation and I to pull out a big conference win this weekend.” says Schleicher about getting prepared for the game.

“We should definitely win against them they have only played easier teams,” says wide receiver Jonathan Witter.

The fanbase of the Arrowhead football team is super excited about how well the team is doing. Vincent Airoldi, one of the head gators here at arrowhead said this “I feel like the boys have done a lot to improve and provide some hope to their fellow students. Winning has been a ton of fun and hopefully we can keep it up, and it translates into the playoffs.”

Yet Airoldi does not feel like the winning has helped the student section get more excited about the games because of winning. “The student section is into the game when the game is close. If were up by 20 no one cheers, and if were down by 20 no one cheers. Its sad but it’s true.”

Arrowhead’s community is not used to losing because they have had a 22-year streak in making it to the playoffs. With how the season started off, fans were worried that it may end.

Arrowhead senior Connor Kruk says, “When we started losing the first three games, I was skeptical as to how the rest of the season may go. I’m glad the team was able to pull it together and start winning. It makes it more fun for everyone, the fans, parents, and players.”

Whether it’s the quarterback change, or the team’s mindset, or the fans cheering, the Arrowhead football team keeps on winning and is hoping to continue that.

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Arrowhead Football Team Keeps Winning