Student Opinions on New Hawfkest Tee

Raegan Mann, Reporter

      The new Hawkfest t-shirt represents a “hippie” and holds up a peace sign with a football in his other hand. They are now available for purchase in the school store or at Hawkfest on September 28th. The Hawkfest theme this year is 60’s hippie themed.

      Hawkfest is one of Arrowhead’s events held during the year. It’s the football game before Homecoming, and they sell things like the t-shirt there and they also have activities to do like bouncy houses, dancing, eating, and of course watching the football game. The Hawkfest tee has always been a tradition with Hawkfest. It’s $15 a shirt and they sell them every year. Each year is a different style and theme.

“It’s interesting. I don’t really like it. I would make it less cartoony.”  Says James Van Gilder, senior

“I would change the flowers and the bird. I wouldn’t buy it. But I like the tie dye.” Says Ben Skorik, senior

“I love it! I wish the background was different. But I like the little man with the peace sign up, that’s cute. I like it because it has a little 70’s vibe. This one has more character [than past years].” Says Karlea Schuelke, senior

The students that were interviewed had a mixed reaction to the shirt. Some dislike it, but others like the shirt.