Students Show School Spirit for Homecoming Week

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Students Show School Spirit for Homecoming Week

Arrowhead Seniors Kobe Chang and Abigail Fritz dress up for Hawaiian Day

Arrowhead Seniors Kobe Chang and Abigail Fritz dress up for Hawaiian Day

Arrowhead Seniors Kobe Chang and Abigail Fritz dress up for Hawaiian Day

Arrowhead Seniors Kobe Chang and Abigail Fritz dress up for Hawaiian Day

Cece Phillips and Raegan Mann

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During the week leading up to the annual Homecoming dance at Arrowhead, students and staff alike get in touch with their goofy sides as they dress up for spirit week. This week, students and staff dressed up (or down) in pajamas on Monday, and jerseys on Tuesday. Hawaiian day was on Wednesday, Dress from a Different Decade Day was Thursday, and Friday was Red Day.

Each spirit week comes with different ways for students to show their school spirit. In years past, Student Senate choices for the dress-up themes included Twin day, Superhero day, and Crazy Hair day.

Students said that while they liked this year’s themes for spirit week, Decade Day was not a favorite.

“I like them. They were simple and easy to do. Sometimes days like twin days are hard to coordinate, but with this week’s choices, you can easily participate,” said staff member Cindy Musbach.

“I like all of [the dress-up days] except for decade day…It’s stupid and there’s nothing to wear for it,” said Arrowhead senior Abby Fritz.

“Decade day [is my least favorite]. That shit’s wack,” said senior James Van Gilder.

On Pajama Day Monday, students wore nightgowns and bathrobes, some going as far as bringing blankets and stuffed animals. Others didn’t dress up at all.

“I didn’t dress up [for pajama day] because it was right after the weekend and I forgot. Also, I think spirit week is kinda dumb,” said Van Gilder.

“I don’t really like PJ day that much,” said Musbach. “It’s not as fun as the other days.”

“I love pajama day. I can literally just roll out of bed and go to school. It gives me an excuse to look like a bum for a day,” said Fritz.

“I am currently dressed up as a baseball team from Tijuana,” said Van Gilder on Tuesday, “But that was completely accidental. I didn’t even know it was jersey day.”

Other students dressed in Green Bay Packers jerseys, Lakers jerseys, and various other sports teams.

“I wanted to go all out Jersey Shore on Jersey Day, since they never specified whether it was sports jersey day or New Jersey day, but I chickened out last second,” said Fritz, who was wearing a St. Charles jersey.

On Wednesday, students’ attire included leis, grass skirts, and coconut bras.

“I like Hawaiian day the best. ‘Cause it’s fun, and I can wear my dad’s big Hawaiian shirt,” said Fritz.

“[My favorite day this week is] probably Hawaiian day,” said Musbach.

Thursday was Decade Day, and students wore outfits depicting every decade. One student even wore a full Victorian-Era gown. Others kept it more simple, going for neon spandex for the 80s, or funky sunglasses for the 70s.

“I tried to go for the 90s look, but as you can see it didn’t really work,” said Fritz.

“Yeah, you look more 60s than 90s. You need baggy jeans or combat boots or something, “ said senior Kobe Chang to Fritz.

Friday was Red Day, and the student body adorned any red in any way they saw fit, some wearing a simple red shirt, others going full-body red out. In any case, the North Campus gymnasium was swarmed in a sea of red during the annual Homecoming game pep rally.

“On friday I’m wearing Eddie’s jersey, so I won’t be able to wear red,” said Fritz.

Van Gilder thought that this year’s spirit week was alright, but he said that it could’ve been better. He wishes there was a Vine day, where students could dress up as people from their favorite vines. Fritz agreed.

“It’d be cool to have a twin day, Vine day, or meme day. Or like dress up as your favorite fictional character day,” Fritz said.

“[I wish there was a] Superhero day [this year]. I have a great Wonder Woman costume day that I’ve been waiting to wear for a few years now,” said Musbach.

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