Students Express Opinion on Dress Code Policy at Arrowhead High School


Students at Arrowhead High School who are following the dress code

Bella Schuelke, Reporter

The 2018-2019 Arrowhead High School student handbook states that Arrowhead staff should enforce a dress code with regards to “Dress and grooming which disrupts the educational process or which causes health or safety problems is prohibited,” as well as prohibiting hats, coats, and other outer garments.

The student handbook says, “Items of clothing of a suggestive nature are not allowed. This includes bandannas, bare midriffs, halter tops (strapless tops, cleavage, tank tops, and spaghetti straps), and extremely short skirts and shorts.”

According to a survey sent to 13 Arrowhead students on Tuesday, two female students say they have gotten dress coded at Arrowhead.

Only 1 of 12 students interviewed believe dress code at Arrowhead should be stricter than it is currently at Arrowhead.

Hayden Bratonja, a freshman at AHS, then says, “It could be more strict but I don’t see the reason for it to be more strict.”

Students like Brooke O’Connor and Haley Patterson expressed that they thought the dress code is sexist.

O’Connor (senior at AHS) says, “I’ve never really heard of boys being dress coded at Arrowhead while I have friends that are girls who have been dress coded for ridiculous reasons.”

Patterson says, “I think the dress code is kind of unnecessary because I think that if boys get distracted by a girls shoulders [referencing the “no tank top” rule] then that’s a problem with their respect and not a problem with the girl’s body and…the boys need to mature and not get distracted by a knee [referencing “no short skirts or shorts” rule].”

When asked if she thinks dress code should be stricter, Patterson says, “No, I really don’t, I mean if girls wear little tiny bralettes, and that’s it, then yeah obviously…but I think personally no [dress code should not be stricter].”

Mckenna Melzer agrees with Patterson, saying, “I think people should be able to wear what they want as long at it’s not too exposing.”

People like Allison Daury, sophomore at Arrowhead, believe the dress code shouldn’t be stricter. Many other interviewees agree with this statement.

Teachers have their own opinions on dress code.

Laura Holdman, science teacher at Arrowhead, says she does not believe dress code is strict at school, and she believes it should be stricter.

She says, “There are some people showing off way too much for high schoolers.”

“I think it should be followed more consistently,” She says, “I also think parents should be informed about what students are wearing to school.”

More questions arise when consequences and disciplinary action come into play. The student handbook says, “Student may be sent home to change or a parent asked to bring more appropriate attire if they don’t have anything appropriate at school to change into.”