Real or Fake the Great Christmas Tree Debate

Marissa Treiber, Reporter

After Thanksgiving 2017 concluded on November 23rd that means that Christmas is four weeks away. Whether its visiting Santa or decorating the tree, many families in the Arrowhead District have traditions that begin this time of year.

According to the American Christmas Tree Association (ACTA) over 94 million Americans or 79% of the population will have a Christmas tree in their home. Eighty percent of these trees will be artificial and the other 20% will be real.

Arrowhead senior Madison Zeller said, “My family always gets a real Christmas tree. It’s a tradition for us and the way it smells just reminds me Christmas is approaching.”

There are some things to consider when purchasing real or fake Christmas tree. According to The Huffington Post, in 2016, $3.51 billion was spent on Christmas trees in the US. While Christmas tree choice is based upon preference and tradition there are some things to note..

While on the hunt for real tree, it is important to go in knowing the type of tree you’re looking for according to ACTA. Whether it’s a Balsam Fir, Colorado Blue Spruce, or one of the may other species it may be hard to tell in person so get a good idea of some of their main characteristics before buying.

Once you’re in the presence of the tree, the most important things to check for, according to ACTS, is freshness. This is done by looking at the needles and smelling the tree.

You can check the needles by grasping them slightly and making sure that none fall off into your hand. ACTA also says to check for freshness smell the tree and it should smell “sappy and earthy.”

There are many tree farms in Waukesha County, some that have precut trees and others that are choose and cut.

Choose and Cut trees are available from CW Christmas Trees & Wreaths in Watertown, Needles N Pines in Eagle, and Riehle’s Tree Farm in Dousman.

Pre cut trees are available from Schuett Farms in Mukwonago, Green Acres Nursery in New Berlin, and Garden Gate Nursery in Hartland.

For more information on real Christmas trees for sale in Wisconsin and in Waukesha County, please visit this website.

Fake trees come in a variety of species and types. There are many places to buy fake trees depending on the price range and type you want.

Senior Corrine Burkhart says, “My family always get a fake tree. It’s so much easier that having to deal with a real one that you actually have to take care of.”

Target sells full size lit Christmas trees starting around $200.00. These trees come to set up in three different parts and feature over 500 pre lit lights. To look at view Target’s Christmas trees please visit the Target website.

For a more customizable option at starting at around $800.00 Frontgate sells Christmas trees based on height, light color, shape, and species. To view their website and browse their selection please visit The Frontgate website.