Application Reality Sets in for Seniors

Gradation is in seven months!

Gradation is in seven months!

Lexie Newman, Reporter

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Although Arrowhead High School has only been in session since September 5th, the deadlines for yearbook pictures, college applications and collecting letters of recommendation have been starting to come around the corner. Students only have until January 1st , some until November 1st if they want to apply early, to get their pre college requirements done off of their big list before they move on from high school in 2018.

In the beginning of the school year, seniors were given a list made by the school counselors (, cDv7oOp-pWz7n6wvlIpixhDFakmk/edit?usp=sharing)  with responsibilities that included things such as financial aid and college applications, a senior profile and forums to fill out. On top of this they still have to do their schoolwork, perform in their extracurricular activities and have jobs to balance.

“It has taken me up to three hours to complete just one application, it’s so exhausting and tedious.  Especially because there is so much to each application and none of them are identical so you can’t just copy and paste. Also it’s hard because I need help from my parents to fill out some of the sections and sometimes they don’t even know the answer. The whole process is stressful and I just can’t wait til it’s over and I have a letter in my hand,” says senior Kendall Kvool.

Early college applications were due on November 1st, but according to Kvool, not many students met the deadline and are waiting to submit applications to the deadline on January 1st.

Seniors like Kate Schwenker,  who have completed their applications, say life has been a lot more carefree.

Schwenker says, “I finished about a week before the deadline and honestly, I’ve  never felt so good. Its relaxing to know that i am pretty much set for the end of the year. I definitely am not as stressed either.”

However Schwenker says she has friends who haven’t completed their applications. “They tell me about how stressed they are. I totally get it too. You’re just so nervous to get your applications in and send your transcript off so you can be done with it all. Plus then the thought of graduation hangs over your head but you have nothing to look forward too and not having that is kind of a scary thought.”

But not only are applications due, but senior pictures are too, on November 30th. Kvool says, “I’ve had my pictures for months and still haven’t picked one, I haven’t really wanted to think about it.”

Although they are stressed as Schwenker says, last week seniors excitedly received their tassels as they turn in their cap and gown orders. Now for seniors there is only seven months to go until graduation.

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Application Reality Sets in for Seniors