Students Prepare for Arrowheads Annual Hawkfest


Arrowhead DECA's Leadership Team wearing the 2017 Hawkfest shirts available at the school store.

Marissa Treiber, Reporter

September 22nd, 2017, will mark the seventh year of Arrowhead’s Hawkfest. This year’s theme: Superhero. Starting at 4:00 pm, Hawkfest will kick off before Arrowhead’s football game against Oconomowoc. This is the first year Oconomowoc is in the same division as Arrowhead, and the game will begin at 7:00pm. The theme for the game is black out.

Hawkfest is run by Arrowhead’s DECA leadership team along with Arrowhead’s Marking classes. DECA is an association of marketing students. It is one of the only events in the area run mostly by students says Business teacher and DECA advisor, Steve Melzer.

Melzer says, “Hawkest is a great opportunity for Arrowhead kids to utilizer their marketing skills in event planning in a real life scenario. It’s nice to see that our kids can actually see what they are learning and are able to apply it with everyday life.”

Hawkfest is a family friendly event. Hawkfest is located at Arrowhead’s North Camps across from the football field. The festival will include games, music, foods, and much more, says Melzer.

The main food vendors include Culver’s who will be selling their signature sundae, Rocky Rococo who will be selling pizza by the slice, and The Picnic Basket who will be selling subs. Other foods will include brats, hot dogs, chips, cotton candy, and bakery goods. Prices for all food will range from $00.50 to $8.00, says Melzer.

Many of the activities will be run by Arrowhead’s clubs and sports including DECA, boys soccer, girls basketball, Best Buddies, Key Club, the boys track team, and National Honors Society. Community based organizations such as Young Life, The Hartland Fire Department, and Lake Country Lacrosse will also participate in activities.

Games and inflatables will be available by tickets or by wristband. Tickets and wristbands will be available at the ticket booth. Tickets are $0.50 and wristbands $15.00 says Melzer. Wristbands will allow guests to access inflatables, and games will be accessed by tickets.

According to Arrowhead DECA President and junior Della Gehring, some things that will be new this year at Hawkfest include a Ticket Grabber, and a caricature artist.

Gehring says, “This is exciting because we haven’t had either [the Ticket Grabber or the caricature artist] before.”

Another key piece to Arrowhead’s Hawkfest will be music. Gehring says the music at Hawkfest as “something everyone looks forward to.”

This year there are over five expected acts. Some of these include music by Arrowhead’s Broadway Company, The Arrowhead Hawkettes, singer and AHS senior Mallorey Wallace, The AHS Drum Corp, and Homewreckers DJ service. Music will be played periodically throughout the night on the Entertainment stage beginning at 4:00pm.

All proceeds from Hawkfest will be donated to MDA(Muscular Dystrophy Association)and HAWS(Humane Animal Welfare Society). MDA is one of many organizations that the national DECA donates too, and HAWS is the choice for a local donation says Melzer. Last year they were able to raise over $28,000, says Gehring.

Melzer says, “Hawkfest is a great opportunity to get the community together involved with teams, clubs, sports. It’s amazing how we can all get together and make this event so amazing. It will be a great evening for everyone to get involved and have a great time at the same time.”