Popsockets are the New Trend at Arrowhead


The new button that sticks to the back of your phone for, propping, gaming, texting, headphone organization, and looking good– is it here to stay?

At Arrowhead there has been a craze of the PopSocket. The PopSocket has been around since 2012, and is just now hitting Arrowhead. As described on the PopSocket website, “A PopSocket is a phone grip and phone stand that expands and collapses using an accordion mechanism. By adding a PopSocket to the back of almost any mobile device, you can transform its capabilities. PopSockets ‘pop’ whenever you need a grip, a stand, a headset management system, or just something to play with.”

Senior Maddie Kopecky has a PopSocket and says, “I really can’t imagine my phone without a PopSocket now. It is really handy, even in class. I am able to prop my phone up to research topics in class. I also think it is really cool that the fact all my friends have PopSockets, shows that this is a growing product that is really succeeding.”

The PopSocket is not suctioned to your phone, like you may think. Instead, there is a removable adhesive attached to the bottom that makes it easy to attach and reattach to different devices.

You can purchase a PopSocket on their online website, http://www.popsockets.com/ for $8.00. They come in any color or design you want, since they are completely customizable. You can get a premade PopSocket with simple colors or you can even get a PopSocket from the categories of Patterns, Art, Cosmic, Sports, Romantic, Colors, Mandalas, Nature, Iconic, Animals, or Flags. If you don’t like any of the categories you can upload your own image onto the PopSocket.

On the PopSocket website, they came out with a new product that can help not just Arrowhead Students, but everyone that is an avid user of the PopSocket. Just this past year, the PopClip was released. This item lets students mount the PopClip to their dashboards, lockers, mirrors, or bedpost to use their phones hands free.

Senior Maddie Sobieski has a PopClip and says, “This has been a lifesaver for me. I love the easy use of all the PopSocket items. The PopClip is really helpful in the morning getting ready and in my car when I use my phone for driving directions.”

The PopSocket is an accordion, so it is able to pop up and down. Junior Maria Bauer has two PopSockets attached to her phone and says, “I PopSocket all day long. I am sure it is annoying to the people around me [because of the noise], but is so much fun I cannot resist. I like having the two PopSockets they give you on my phone [instead of just one], because it allows more options for me to hold my phone.”