Drive’s For Warhawk Interact

During August 2018, Arrowhead started the Warhawk interact club. Warhawk interact is a volunteering group in which students support and create events that help other people. 


If anyone is interested in joining Arrowhead’s club Warhawk Interact, they can sign up here and fill out the forms that are included. 


Arrowhead’s Warhawk interact club is hosting a Book Fair on May 13th from 9an to 12pm. Anyone in the community is welcome to come no matter who it is, friends, family, neighbors, etc. 


The Arrowhead Warhawk Interact Club says, “We will have books of all reading levels and genres for free. Plan on meeting in the Arrowhead High School South Campus Cafeteria.”


Warhawk Interact also has other donations going on at all times during the school year. They have a food drive and are looking for any donations that anyone can find. Food donations can be dropped off at the North Campus Guidance offices. Anyone can drop off eight  items for one hour the following food items count for hours: peanut butter, jelly, spaghetti sauce, cereal, granola bars, canned/packaged fruit, and canned soups. 


For the food drive rules students and parents can not bring any expired food or items. Every expired item knocks off one hour. For example if a student donate eight foods, but one is expired, students get zero hours. If students donate 32 foods and four are expired, students get zero hours. 


An outside volunteering form is used to log hours that students do outside of Warhawk interact, independently of another organization. The form needs a supervisor signature from the event and then should be turned into a North or South Campus Guidance office.