Arrowhead Hosts a Lobster Boil Fundraiser

As the school year is nearing its end, Arrowhead is hosting its 23rd annual lobster boil. This event will take place on April 28th from 5:15-7:30pm in the South campus cafeteria. Along with the lobster boil there will also be a silent auction. 


As this event is quickly approaching, all orders were previously due on April 11th. All the proceeds gained from this event will be used to help support the Special Education Program.


This event is organized by Adam Boldt and Gina Ray is assisting in the communications process by sending out informational emails. Boldt is the Director of Student Services and Ray is a Special Education teacher. 


Ray said that Boldt “is incharge of the event and if any questions arise he would be the best man to answer them.”


This event’s main goal is to bring in funds and awareness to the special education programs.


The funds earned from this event will be used in varying ways. 


Boldt said, “The money raised at Lobster Boil helps buy equipment for Wally Grounds and Cafe Arrowhead that allow our students to get job training while at Arrowhead. In the Fall of 2024 South Campus will have a student run Cafe that is open to all students throughout the day. Proceeds from this year’s event will go towards outfitting that space with equipment and furniture.”


As many things have been affected by COVID-19 the lobster boils attendance was one of them. 


Boldt said, “Orders vary between 200-700 depending on the year. Orders got to their highest prior to COVID at which point the Lobster Boil did not run for two years. Last year was our first year back seeing about 200 participants each year. (The) Lobsters come from Empire Fish and the rest of the materials come from Sysco Systems.” 


Because of the varying number of participants, the school orders the materials needed in bulk to make sure they are fully prepared for all the attendees. 


Many different opportunities are available for students and staff to get involved in the Lobster boil. 


Boldt said, “School personnel, parents, students who work at Cafe Arrowhead, and student volunteers from Best Buddies and Interact will all work the event.”


Another way this event is bringing in funds for the special education program is through the silent auction. A silent auction, according to the Oxford Languages Dictionary, “is an auction, typically one for charity, in which people bid for items in writing or by electronic means rather than by calling out or raising their hands.”


Boldt said, “This auction is offering many themed silent auction baskets such as chocolate, spa, pet supplies, and other themed baskets.”