Earth Club Gives Trees Away

As of March 21st, the Arrowhead Earth Club is giving away free trees to help the environment. They are giving them away at Arrowhead on Friday April 21st and they are attempting to make an impact on the earth by replacing the cut down trees with fresh saplings. 


According to the Rainforest Action Network, there are around seven billion trees cut down in the world every year. Trees take in Carbon and then excrete oxygen which humans need to survive. The Arrowhead Earth Club has committed to making a footprint in the environment and plant new trees. They are giving away saplings because they can’t plant enough trees by themselves, so they’re hoping that others can help. 


The Earth Club is giving away tree saplings to help replenish our paper usage at AHS.   Our goal is to plant four hundred trees this Spring with your help.  If you would like to place an order for free trees, please visit our Tree-Plenish Website.  There is a 10 tree limit per email and once the 400 trees are gone, you can buy additional tree saplings for $5.   The free tree offer ends Tuesday, March 21,” Dennis Mechinech, Arrowhead teacher. 


The earth club is open to anyone who wishes to save the earth and contribute to the environment. Not only are they giving away trees, but they are also getting involved with waste management and have made many steps to save the earth such as the iPhone and electronic waste bins provided for the school. 


The club and the club leader is encouraging everyone and anyone to take the saplings while they’re still free and are hoping that they can sell more after they give away their four hundred tree limit.